I will not cease to seek the glow that emanates from ancient days.
I resolve to harness it to light the paths of those astray.

I will train my voice to sing and carry in the wind
So that I can herald forth the word that never ends.

I will use all that I am to love with truth and grace.
I will die so You will live; Your light to shine upon my face.

I will open up my heart and mind only to Your voice.
I will fight the enemy and close my ears to all his noise.

I will love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, mind, and might.
God alone has grace and mercy. God alone is true and right.

I will rest in Jesus’ perfect blood. I will rest in my salvation.
I will bow and I’ll confess with every tongue and tribe and nation.

I will do none of these things without my God the Spirit.
But in His power all is well – and death? I do not fear it.


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