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I like tattoos. My wife, Jessica, likes them, too. We love seeing the different styles, hearing their stories, and imagining them on our own skin. It’s no secret that our culture has made it easier and easier to see them as normal. They’re no longer taboo and reserved for the more extreme population. My mom has a tattoo, and not one that she got as a misguided youth, but one she got later in life to honor her Mom (my Granny) and her 3 sons. Some people like them and some people don’t. Whatever my opinion on tattoos, as a Christian, I must first seek God before my own simple desires.

Where do tattoos fit in my life as a Christ follower?
Does the bible condemn them?
Does the bible condone them?
Are they a non-issue?

Joe Thorn, a pastor and writer that I follow online, has just written a series of blog posts on the topic. They were very helpful for me to read, especially as someone who wants tattoos. But I think they are helpful for anyone to read since everyone has an opinion on tattoos because they permeate our society. Here they are, in order:

1. Tattoos: Introduction

2. Tattoos & The Bible 1

3. Tattoos & The Bible 2

4. Tattoos: Don’t Do It

5. Tattoos: Advice

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