I have a very picky ear when it comes to listening to Christian worship music as my background noise for work or when driving in the car, but lately there have been a few albums that are worthy (Citizens, Young Oceans). Don’t get me wrong, corporate singing at a church gathering is my favorite thing in the world – it’s what these types of songs are made for, it’s their purpose. I just like to leave them there. So when I’m listening to a worship album at full blast in my car…something’s up.

Daniel Bashta has grown on me. I’ve had his first album for a while because I got it free on noisetrade. But I didn’t start listening to it and really appreciating it until just recently. He has 2 albums out now, and I like them both. They’re the first 2 listed here.

So watch these two videos. Listen to the song below and then click here watch Daniel Bashta tell the song’s story. So amazing. Go buy his music and blare it.